Parable of the hangman’s noose

No, Kalu is not an unknown quantity, and there are many reasons to remember him. My favorite memory of him comes from 2004, when he kicked off a firestorm in the ruling party at the time, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), by publicly demanding that Tony Anenih, the nation’s immediate past Minister of Works, explain how he squandered N300 billion road funds in four years.
The disclosure of the scale of budgeting had been made by President Olusegun in his home state of Ogun during his campaign for re-election. Given the noticeable absence of good roads in the country, Kalu challenged Obasanjo to ask Anenih a few questions.
For most of the past 10 years ago, Kalu has himself been trying to avoid confronting certain corruption charges against him in court. This year, the Appeal Court finally ordered him to stand trial, and just two weeks ago, the EFCC charged him with 34 counts of money-laundering.
Kalu’s legal ordeal began in 2007 when the EFCC first charged him at the High Court in Abuja with 107 that included official corruption and criminal diversion of public funds totaling over five billion.
Having lost the battle to avoid prosecution, Kalu seemed to know where his salvation lay. His strategy paid off, as on Wednesday, he had the entire APC, which allegedly has a corruption-fighting government in power, waiting to cheer him in with music and television coverage.
That was the same day that the leader of that government, President Muhammadu Buhari, reportedly disclosed a “tough and grueling” battle in Nigeria’s anti-corruption trenches. Meeting with American Secretary of State John Kerry on the margins of the United Nations Climate Change conference in Morocco, he said corrupt Nigerians were fighting back with the formidable arsenal of illicit wealth they accumulated.

Sunday, December 11, 2016
Jimnoson Ikrikko

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